We create our shirts print-on-demand, but we do have a few in surplus here in The Nest.

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All are available via Teespring.
  • Klinsi Ball
Klinsi Ball shirt

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  • Hex & Candy
  • Klinsi Ball (1st edition)
  • Samba Time
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Below are our active and retired shirts.

Blazer Collection

These are shirts that look good beneath a blazer while watching proper football. 

#GFOP (retired)

Simple Math (retired)

Positive + Toilet = Blazer. Any questions?

Gold (retired)

This is as close as you'll ever get to wearing the Golden Blazer.

Oh Canada Collection

In celebration of our national women's team playing on the frozen tundra to our north in 2015.


Available: TBA

In honor of the most famous Cal Golden Bear and ex-Baby Horse.


Available: TBA

You can't stop her. You can only hope to contain her.

US Collection

These shirts are celebrations of the finest men's and women's footballers in our great country.

Klinsi Ball (2nd Edition)

Available at TeeSpring as print-on-demand, for men & women in all sizes.

1st edition t-shirts remain in L and XXL.

Hex & Candy

Capturing the true smell of the "hexagonal" qualifying tournament that led to our South American accomplishments in 2014. 
1st edition t-shirts remain in M, L and XL.

Group Of Life (retired)

It wasn't the Group of Death. Well, it was for Portugal.

Previously a Teespring campaign in men's and women's sizes. 

Size The Day (retired)

Never has a turn of phrase been so butchered and so right.

Shea 69 (retired)

He won the Gold Cup against Panama in the 69th minute. 
And for that, he will always have a place in our hearts.

South American Collection

These are shirts previously worn in celebration of those football tournaments held south of the equator.

Samba Time

1st edition t-shirts remain in L, XL and XXL.

European Collection

These are shirts that celebrate the proper football we all worship on early weekday mornings.

Little Horse FC (retired)

Nigel FC (retired)

Tippeligaen (retired)

En fantastick dag for fotball!

Mario Due

What Does It All Mean?

Yes, this was the second shirt that never got revealed before Super Mario was traded away.