Happy 1st Anniversary!

On December 18, 2012 we let the world in on the joke that was Men In Blazers by publishing a wiki.

190 entries and 230K page views later, here are the top ten wiki pages you visited in the year that has past.
  1. GFOP
  2. Von Trapps
  3. Roger Bennett
  4. Lady physio
  5. Michael Davies
  6. Men In Blazers National Team
  7. Crap Part of Soho
  8. Full kit wanker
  9. Double Fisted Wanker Sign
  10. Sir Ian Darke
The wiki would be nothing without the dedicated team of clerics who toil away in the monastery on the Men In Blazers estate.
  1. gregbpool
  2. CutterInChicago (jasonlkennedy)
  3. norwegianPundit
  4. MIBdana
  5. jjbarker1
Here's a Christmas tree word cloud of the top 100 wiki pages you all visited last year, with frequency indicated by size (made with Wordle; original PDF).

word cloud

Beneath every Christmas tree should be a present: Today only use the discount code XMAS2013 to take $10 off any shirt in our catalog, while supplies last.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the 1972 Ravens!